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10/18/2020 5:36 PM

Latest News Items:

WE'RE MOVING!!! -- Wednesday June 19th, 2019

Nana's is announcing our MOVE to a new location. We are not going far, but far enough Cooke County can't hurt us again. And those "@$$#@+" neighbors that sued us, well, they can stick it where the sun don't shine! As for us, we will be setting up our new "dog barn" and working on getting all of our rescued furbabies home where they belong. As soon as we get them all comfortable and settled into our new facility, Nana's will be opening up for boarding! Yep! We will of course still cater to the Bully's, but we realize that even Bullies have little best friends that don't want to go anywhere without each other. So bear with us just a little longer. We anticipate having the rescues back home early July, and hopefully we will begin our boarding program in early August 2019. The boarding will be an extension of Nana's PIT Stop and for the purpose of bringing in funds for the continuation and expansion of the Rescue. Everything we do at Nana's is for the purpose of saving the Bully's, educating the public to the realities of Bully ownership, and helping so stop the awful things that Bully's are unjustly subjected to. We will never be able to stomp out the ignorance of stupid people, but we will NOT let them STOP US! Onward and Upward! Keep an eye out for our changes. They'll be many and all for the betterment of our beloved BULLY BREEDS.

We've Got Puppies!!! -- Friday December 23rd, 2016

Our little pregnant Pittie, Tinker Bell had her puppies today!

We have 4 boys and 5 girls.  Since they were born just before Christmas Eve, we've decided to name them after Santa's reindeer.  We've got Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen!  Can you guess which puppy is named for the most famous reindeer of all?  Rudolph (Rudy)  Give it a shot, see if you can pick which puppy is Rudolph.   Email us and tell us what you think.

New Dogs Listed -- Thursday July 21st, 2016

We've added a few new dogs at Nana's! Adoptions have been good this summer so far, which has allowed us to take in some wonderful additions to our adoptable dogs. Check out all of our dogs and request an Adoption Application today.